4" - 6" Lift Kit w/ RCD Shocks - Ford F150 Crew Cab 4WD

4"-6" Suspension System w/ RCD Custom Shock Absorbers, 2009 - 2013 Ford F150 Crew Cab 4WD


Part #: 10-42409


MSRP: $2,215.00 USD

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This kit is compatible with:

  •  2009 - 2013 Ford F150 - 4WD

This kit includes:
 -Front & rear crossmembers
  -Front spindle - driver side
  -Compression struts
  -Main kit
  -Front spindle - passenger side
  -RCD Custom Shock Absorbers
Wheel/Tire Specifications:
  Max Tire Size: 35" x 12.5" at 6" lift - Minor trimming may be required.
  Max Backspace: 20" & larger x 9" - 5" backspacing.
Additional Information:
 -Will NOT work with Air Ride or Electronic Suspension System
  -Recalibration of the speedometer, ABS and stability control systems (if applicable) will be required by an authorized Ford dealer.
  -Rebalancing of factory front driveline is required.
  -System is "Front Ride Height Adjustable" of either 4" or 6" with multiple spring seat settings on the front coil-over shocks.
  -Vehicles operating 4WD at higher speeds will require and aftermarket "Dual Cardan type driveline.
  -Strut type coil spring compressor, along with factory front end disassembly tools are required for installation.